Web scraping for every use

We specialize in web data mining. If it's visible on a web page, we can capture it for you and save the data to Excel or a database. Over the years we've developed a whole range of web scraping products for your every need. Some are public, some are not. Here is a comparison table for the mainstream products developed by our top programmer Alfred Zolo and his team.

Comparison Chart

Products Plug-ins
ASCII/ANSI Unicode Type/Example
ZoloPages Yes
Yes No DYI scraping/Simple google query
PageRaptor No Yes No Common phone books/Superpages USA
Yes Yes Complex int'l pages/Egyptian Yellow Pages

Ad hoc asignments? Business Intelligence? Yes, we can!

  • Kindly drop us a line or telephone our US office.
  • Explain in detail what your data needs are.
  • Our complete discretion is guaranteed.

Freeware tools

free web scraping software
Free software applications by Alfred Zolo: go to free web scraping software page...